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  • A results driven and unique four phase career guidance programme for students especially 5th year and Leaving Cert. students. This package involves in depth exploration, testing for career suitability and fit, a one to one session with career guidance counsellor Michelle and a thourough report of recommendations and course options. There is also research conducted behind the scenes to ensure you get a concise and clear picture of your career oppurtunities.

Career Change Package

  • Finally learn what career is best for you and how to get it. My career change programme encompasses new careers, a new job/role or a promotion. Each individual person is unique and faces a different dilemma, therefore my programme is tailored specifically to each person. The phases include in-depth exploration, needs analysis, appropriate testing- best career fit equals fulfillment and long term happiness. A one to one career guidance session is also conducted and a report with core recommendations thereafter.

CV Clinic

  • Your CV is the key to the door of your next job, is your key going to fit the lock? Do you frequently not hear back from employers? Is your CV optimised and tailored accurately for this position? Are you confident that it showcases your experience and unique skills? Do you convey to the employer that you are their candidate? If you are answering no maybe you need a CV clinic with Michelle. You will send me your latest CV (with Job spec.) I will build and optimise it. We then have a one to one session to discuss it together.

Study Skills Masterclass

  • Tailored solutions for each student on how to make their study time effective.

Subject Choice for Leaving Cert.

  • Subject choice can be a difficult process and its essential that you choose the right ones for you. Its vital that you do not remove any subjects from your study and rule out specific entry routes into courses. At Careerhub Michelle will explore your subjects, interests, results, and motivations, give you knowledge and understanding of key subject requirements for college and inform you on Leaving Cert. Subject essentials (content and assessment).

Guidance information session only.


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Contact CareerHub today and request a call back for more information on any of our career guidance services.

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