Career guidance in Limerick plays a crucial role in mapping out a fulfilling professional journey.

Choosing the right job is a big decision in our lives. A good job can make us happy. It shows what we can do and what we care about.  To navigate this crucial aspect of life, career guidance services can provide invaluable support. In Ireland, and specifically in Limerick, stands out as the best resource for those seeking expert career help.

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Limerick, a vibrant city located in the Mid-West region of Ireland, is a hub of diverse career opportunities across various sectors. The city has seen significant growth in recent years, making it an attractive destination for job seekers both locally and internationally.

Technology and IT

Limerick is home to several multinational technology companies, including Dell, Analog Devices, and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. These companies offer a wide range of roles in software development, data analysis, IT support, and project management. The city’s strong tech sector is also supported by a thriving startup scene, providing opportunities for those interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Limerick’s life sciences sector is another major employer, with companies like Regeneron and Cook Medical offering roles in research and development, quality assurance, and manufacturing. The city is also home to the University Hospital Limerick, providing a wide range of healthcare roles, from nursing and medicine to administration and support services.

Education and Research

The University of Limerick and Limerick Institute of Technology are significant employers in the city, offering roles in teaching, research, administration, and support services. These institutions also work closely with industry, providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Finance and Business Services

Limerick is a growing hub for financial services, with companies like Northern Trust and Standard Chartered offering roles in areas such as fund administration, risk management, and financial analysis. The city also has a strong business services sector, with companies like Uber and WP Engine providing roles in customer support, sales, and operations.

Tourism and Hospitality

Limerick’s rich history and culture, along with its vibrant food and entertainment scene, make it a popular destination for tourists. This drives a thriving hospitality sector, with opportunities in hotels, restaurants, bars, and event management.

Creative Industries

Limerick is known for its vibrant arts scene, with opportunities in theatre, music, visual arts, and film. The city is home to the Limerick School of Art and Design, one of Ireland’s most prestigious art and design schools, and the Troy Studios, a major film and TV production studio.

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Whether you are a student contemplating your subject choices, an adult considering a career change, or a professional seeking to develop further in your current role, offers the support you need.

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