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If your search has brought you to our website then you have already begun the process of searching for a course or career.

We are the career guidance and career change specialists, looking after all your career related needs.

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If we simplify this by asking you one question, what do you consider career guidance counselling to be?

The old method is sitting, for hours, in front of someone exploring your career possibilities. Some generic testing may be thrown in (if you’re lucky), but, by the end of it all you are exhausted and your career path is not crystal clear. You end up having more questions to ask now than when you began. This leads to you booking more sessions which becomes expensive and costly.

CareerHub has overhauled the old tired process with a new and innovative approach.

Scientifically we know the human brain can only concentrate for so long. Booking a three hour appointment is no good for anyone, especially if you are in exam years or working in a stressful/busy environment. At CareerHub we do the work for you.

Our four phase programme makes the process easy and enjoyable. You are involved in every aspect of the process and it is not intensive or tiring on you.

Our staff are MA qualified, IGC registered and use the very best in psychometric testing.

You can rest assured you are getting excellence in career guidance when you work with CareerHub.

CareerHub has developed a very successful and innovative four phase programme. This forms the foundation of our process.

This includes the following;

Exploration – this creates a picture of your wants, needs and career concerns.

Career Guidance counselling and Psychometric testing – we delve into the abilities, aptitudes, interests and personality traits of the individual. This culminates in us being able to find the correct career match for you.

One to One session – here we discuss the results in-depth. We answer any questions you may have and explore your career path further.  You will develop an understanding of what you need to do to reach the career path that is a match for you.

Reporting – this is a personally tailored report reviewing the process. It outlines the career guidance counsellors plan and advice. The report also contains the information and steps required to get your desired course/career.

CareerHub is innovative and we advise to start with our four phase programme – which includes a one to one session.

We can provide in person appointments in Limerick if that is your preference.

If you have any queries in relation to other aspects of your career or life we provide one to one sessions for this.

Interview training, C.V writing and other professional development aspects are also 1:1.


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Contact CareerHub today and request a call back for more information on any of our career guidance services.

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