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If your search has brought you to our website then you have already begun the process of searching for a course or career.

We are the career guidance and career change specialists, looking after all your career related needs.

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If we simplify this by asking you one question, what do you consider career guidance counselling to be?

The old method is sitting, for hours, in front of someone exploring your career possibilities. Some generic testing may be thrown in (if you’re lucky), but, by the end of it all you are exhausted and your career path is not crystal clear. You end up having more questions to ask now than when you began. This leads to you booking more sessions which becomes expensive and costly.

CareerHub has overhauled the old tired process with a new and innovative approach.

Scientifically we know the human brain can only concentrate for so long. Booking a three hour appointment is no good for anyone, especially if you are in exam years or working in a stressful/busy environment. At CareerHub we do the work for you.

Our four phase programme makes the process easy and enjoyable. You are involved in every aspect of the process and it is not intensive or tiring on you.

Our staff are MA qualified, IGC registered and use the very best in psychometric testing.

You can rest assured you are getting excellence in career guidance when you work with CareerHub.

CareerHub has developed a very successful and innovative four phase programme. This forms the foundation of our process.

This includes the following;

Exploration – this creates a picture of your wants, needs and career concerns.

Career Guidance counselling and Psychometric testing – we delve into the abilities, aptitudes, interests and personality traits of the individual. This culminates in us being able to find the correct career match for you.

One to One session – here we discuss the results in-depth. We answer any questions you may have and explore your career path further.  You will develop an understanding of what you need to do to reach the career path that is a match for you.

Reporting – this is a personally tailored report reviewing the process. It outlines the career guidance counsellors plan and advice. The report also contains the information and steps required to get your desired course/career.

CareerHub is innovative and we advise to start with our four phase programme – which includes a one to one session.

We can provide in person appointments in Limerick if that is your preference.

If you have any queries in relation to other aspects of your career or life we provide one to one sessions for this.

Interview training, C.V writing and other professional development aspects are also 1:1.

FAQ’s for Students

CareerHub offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to students. These services include subject choice guidance, advice on the CAO application process, psychometric testing, exploration of study options including studying abroad, career exploration and analysis, report and recommendation services, career guidance counselling, CV building and formatting assistance, interview preparation, and UCAS/EUNICAS application support.

CareerHub provides expert advice on the CAO application process, helping students navigate the complexities of applications and ensuring they present their best selves in their submissions.

Psychometric testing at CareerHub is designed to help students understand their aptitudes, skills, and personality traits better. This knowledge is essential when making decisions about subject choices and potential career paths.

Yes, CareerHub assists students in exploring all options, including studying abroad. They provide guidance on international education opportunities and the application process.

Absolutely. CareerHub offers services for career exploration and analysis. This process helps students understand the wide range of career opportunities available and make informed decisions about their future.

The report and recommendation services from CareerHub are designed to provide students with detailed insights about their skills, abilities, and interests. This service helps guide students towards academic and career paths that are a good fit for them.

CareerHub provides assistance with CV building and formatting, helping students create compelling and professional CVs that effectively showcase their skills, experiences, and academic achievements.

Yes, CareerHub offers interview preparation services. They provide guidance on how to effectively answer common interview questions, present oneself professionally, and highlight relevant skills and experiences.

Yes, CareerHub provides support for UCAS/EUNICAS applications. They guide students through the application process and provide advice tailored to the requirements of these international education systems.

CareerHub tailors its approach to each student’s unique abilities, interests, and motivations. They provide individualised study guides and personalised guidance to help students achieve their career goals.

FAQ’s for Career Changers

CareerHub offers a variety of services for individuals considering a career change. These include career guidance and assessment, career coaching, exploring postgraduate options, CV consultation and review, interview preparation, job searches, guidance on becoming self-employed, mentorship, and support for career uncertainty and development.

If you are unhappy in your current role, CareerHub can provide career change services and career coaching. They can help you explore new career paths, provide guidance on retraining or returning to university, and offer support if you’re considering becoming self-employed.

Yes, CareerHub can provide guidance and support for individuals who wish to retrain or return to university. They can help you explore your options and make an informed decision about your next steps.

CareerHub offers career guidance and assessment services that help you understand your skills, interests, and potential career paths. They can help you identify the right career move for you and provide personalised advice to help you achieve your career goals.

If you’re considering becoming self-employed, CareerHub can provide guidance and mentorship. They can help you understand what’s involved in being self-employed and provide support and advice as you navigate this new career path.

Yes, CareerHub provides CV consultation and review services. They can help you create a CV that effectively presents your skills and experiences and is tailored to your new career goals.

Yes, CareerHub offers job search services. They can help you identify potential job opportunities in your chosen field and provide support throughout the application process.

CareerHub provides support for career uncertainty and development. They can help you navigate the uncertainties that often come with a career change and provide guidance and coaching to support your career development.

Michelle, a fully qualified career guidance counsellor and career coach, provides personalised guidance and advice based on your unique career goals and circumstances. She works closely with you to understand your needs and aspirations and provides tailored advice to help you achieve your career goals.

Yes, CareerHub is designed to support individuals at all stages of their career journey. Whether you’re looking to progress in your current career or make a complete career change, CareerHub can provide the guidance and support you need to make your next career move with confidence.

FAQ for Employers

CareerHub offers bespoke services to employers to help them find the right candidate for their vacancies. This includes a four-phase program designed to thoroughly understand the prospective employee and determine whether the position is a good fit for them.

The four-phase program is a unique process designed by CareerHub to gain a thorough understanding of the prospective employee.

CareerHub’s unique four-phase program is designed to understand the prospective employee and assess their suitability for the position before the employer invests significant time and resources in training. This process helps ensure that only the most suitable candidates are recommended.

CareerHub’s services are designed to support the latter end of the hiring process. By assessing the candidate’s suitability for the position before the employer invests in their training, CareerHub can help employers make informed decisions and streamline their hiring process.

By using our unique four-phase program to understand prospective employees and their suitability for the position, CareerHub provides employers with detailed insights that can help them make informed hiring decisions.

Employers can contact CareerHub directly through the contact details or contact form.

CareerHub assists employers in finding the right candidates by offering bespoke services tailored to the employer’s needs. They use a unique four-phase program to understand prospective employees and assess their suitability for the position, helping employers make informed decisions about their hires.

CareerHub’s hiring process is unique because of its four-phase program, which aims to understand prospective employees thoroughly and assess their suitability for the position. This approach helps ensure that employers do not invest time and money in training a candidate who may not be suitable for the position.

While CareerHub works diligently to recommend suitable candidates, the ultimate decision and responsibility lie with the employer.


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