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Here we focus on transforming your Curriculum Vitae into a powerful tool in your job search. As part of our CV Clinic, we offer a personalised service tailored to highlight your skills and experiences in alignment with your targeted job role. Led by our expert career counsellor, Michelle, we’re dedicated to ensuring your CV not only stands out but also provides an accurate and impressive representation of your professional journey.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more than a piece of paper—it’s a representation of your professional journey, detailing your skills, experiences, and achievements. It serves as the pivotal point in your job applications, often making the difference between securing an interview and having your application overlooked.

Crafting a CV that truly showcases your unique attributes can be challenging. That’s why we’ve established the CV Clinic, facilitated by our experienced career counsellor, Michelle Flynn. This service aims to provide you with a tailored and optimised CV, perfectly aligning with your targeted job specifications.

CV Writing and Optimisation Service – Process

  • Submit Your CV and Job Specification: To initiate the process, send us your most recent CV and the job specification for the role you’re targeting. This will allow Michelle to fully understand your qualifications and how they correspond with the job requirements.

  • CV Optimisation Service: Michelle will review and refine your CV to align it precisely with the job specifications. The goal is to enhance its visibility to potential employers and ensure it accurately captures your skills and experiences.

  • Personal Consultation: Once your CV is polished, you’ll have a personal consultation with Michelle. During this session, you’ll discuss the changes made, ask any questions you may have, and gain insightful knowledge. The objective is to not only improve your CV but also to build your understanding of professional CV standards.

The cost of this comprehensive service is €95, an investment towards securing your next job role.

To start the CV Writing and Optimisation process, please fill out the accompanying form. We look forward to working with you on creating a CV that not only opens doors but ensures you confidently walk through them.

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