In the latest of our video blog posts, Michelle Flynn from Careerhub provides valuable advice to students preparing for the upcoming Leaving Cert exams and making career choices.

Study Approach: Michelle advises students to focus on exam techniques such as practicing questions, managing time, and prioritizing high-mark questions.

Study Plan: She suggests creating a study plan tailored around the exam week to effectively manage the study schedule.

Change of Mind Facility for the CAO: Michelle emphasises the importance of reviewing course choices before the closure of the Change of Mind facility for the CAO in a month.

Course Selection: She advises students to list their courses in order of preference, not based on their perceived exam performance.

Career Pathways: Michelle reminds students that there are multiple pathways to reach their desired careers and encourages them to keep their options open.

Michelle encourages students to stay focused, trust their preparation, and remember that their path is not solely defined by these exams. If you need guidance along the way, Careerhub is here to help and assist.

Video Transcript

So I'm going to give you some advice now with a week out from the leaving CERT exams, from a career guidance counselor's perspective. The first is definitely around your study approach. Now it should absolutely be focused on exam technique. So exam questions, practicing, looking at timing, prioritizing the the questions with the highest weight and highest marks first.

You should also make sure really that you have a study plan built around your week and a half of exams. Why are you going to be starting the day before you have days off in between? Really focus on how that's going to run for you and what subjects you'll be focusing on in those times. That's the first piece of advice. The second piece of advice I'd give you is it's one month until the change of mind facility for the CAO closes. That's at the end. So it's really important that you try to take time over the next month.

Either during a quiet time of your exams or after your exams, have you got all your research done? Are your courses listed properly? Are you making the right decision? Have you? Do you really feel confident that it's all right? And a huge piece of advice stemming from that, then, is not to change your order of courses based on how you think you performed in the exams. Remember, the key thing is that you list them in order of preference, not how you feel you did. And that's a big thing.

You should always remember that there are many other pathways. People access careers in many different ways. A student recently is accessing a course in psychology via the CAO. Now after completing APLC and got all the credits, there are many options. Make sure your CAO is filled right to allow you to enter those and everything will be fine on the day.

Detailed Analysis & Information

Michelle Flynn from Careerhub shares some important advice as we approach the leading CERT exams. I know you're all busy with your last-minute revisions, so let's jump straight into it!

1. Sharpen Your Study Approach With just a week left until the exams, it's crucial to refine your study approach. From a career guidance counselor's perspective, I cannot stress enough the importance of focusing on exam techniques. Your preparation should concentrate on practicing exam questions, understanding the timing required for each one, and prioritizing the questions that carry the highest weight and marks.

When practicing, don't just focus on answering the questions but also on how you manage your time. Are you spending too long on a particular question? Are you able to answer the high-mark questions confidently? These are some things to consider in the final stretch of your preparation.

2. Create a Study Plan for the Exam Week Next, ensure you have a robust study plan tailored around your week and a half of exams. Whether you're starting the day before or have days off in between exams, it's essential to strategize your study schedule effectively. Dedicate specific time slots for each subject based on the exam timetable and your comfort level with each topic.

Remember, a well-structured study plan is key to keeping stress levels in check and ensuring you cover all necessary topics in time for your exams.

3. Utilize the Change of Mind Facility for the CAO The second piece of advice is about your future: the Change of Mind facility for the CAO closes in a month. It's crucial to take some time over the next month, either during a quiet period of your exams or after, to review your choices.

Have you done all your research? Are your courses listed correctly? Are you confident about your decisions? These are all questions you should ask yourself before this facility closes.

4. List Courses Based on Preference, Not Performance Here's a vital tip: Do not rearrange your order of courses based on how you think you performed in the exams. It's a common mistake students make, and it could potentially derail your career path. The key is to list your courses in order of preference, not based on your perceived exam performance.

5. Explore Other Pathways Lastly, remember that there are multiple pathways to your desired career. People find their way into careers through various avenues. A student, for instance, was recently able to access a psychology course via the CAO after completing APLC and earning all the necessary credits.

It's essential to be open-minded and explore all possible options. Ensure your CAO is filled out correctly to allow for these opportunities.

In conclusion, exam season can be a challenging time, but with the right approach and mindset, you can navigate it successfully. Trust in your preparation, stay focused, and remember that your path is not defined by one set of exams. Good luck to all of you, and remember, everything will be fine on the day.