Navigating the landscape of higher education can be challenging, particularly when considering the financial aspect. Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) recognises this hurdle and offers a student grant scheme that aims to alleviate these financial stresses. This article aims to provide a detailed insight into the services offered by SUSE (, the process involved, and critical deadlines to note.

Understanding SUSE’s Services

The SUSI grant, a cornerstone service provided by SUSE, offers significant financial assistance to eligible higher education students. This grant is provided through various facets: the student contribution grant, the postgraduate fee contribution grant, and the maintenance grant.

  • Student contribution grant

    The student contribution grant covers the student contribution fee, which is typically paid for approved courses in higher education institutions. Meanwhile, the postgraduate fee contribution grant offers a fee grant that can cover all or part of the tuition fees for postgraduate students, up to a certain limit.

  • Maintenance Grant

    Additionally, SUSI offers a maintenance grant. This grant helps eligible students cover the various living costs associated with pursuing higher education. Maintenance grant rates vary depending on factors such as the family’s gross income, reckonable income, and whether the student lives separately from their parents during the academic term.

  • International and Mature Students

    SUSI also acknowledges the diverse student body and has the International Protection Student Scheme for international students and a second chance for mature students who may not have had the opportunity to study previously. Moreover, SUSI offers special rate grants for disadvantaged students and an independent student grant for those who meet specific criteria related to age, income, and living conditions.

Deadlines and the Application Process

Deadlines are crucial in the SUSI grant application process. The application period for new student contribution grant applications usually opens in April of the preceding academic year and closes in November of the current academic year. Note that these deadlines may vary slightly each year, and students are encouraged to verify on the SUSI website.

  • Application Process

    In terms of the application process, it starts with creating a SUSI account on the SUSE website. You then submit your application online, providing detailed information about your circumstances.

    SUSI Grant Process

  • Eligibility

    Eligibility for the SUSI grant scheme is assessed using a means test. The means test evaluates several elements such as the total household income, which includes income from employment, self-employment, rental income, the income of a civil partner or cohabitant, and any other income. The means test will also consider income from the previous full tax year. Note that some types of income, like certain social welfare payments, are not considered part of the means test.

Key Points to Remember

While the SUSI grant scheme offers substantial financial support, students should also consider other financial supports. These may include assistance from their higher education institution, scholarships, or other national programmes.

  • Payments

    Remember that SUSI grant scheme is paid in three instalments over the academic year and is directly deposited into the student’s bank account. Fee grants, such as the postgraduate fee contribution, are paid directly to the higher education institution.

    Renewal applications are also an important aspect of the SUSI process. If you have been previously awarded a SUSI grant and continue to meet eligibility criteria, you can renew your grant application for each subsequent year of your approved course.


SUSI has been a crucial support for many students studying in Ireland. Whether you are a first-time applicant, a mature student taking a leap into higher education, or a postgraduate student seeking support, understanding the process, the eligibility criteria, and the deadlines can make your journey smoother. So, don’t let financial hurdles stand in the way of your education. Explore the offerings by SUSE and step into a world of possibilities.

Every query is important and every student matters. Whether it’s about understanding your own income assessment, the SUSI grant rate applicable to you, the potential for essential field trips allowance, or details about the income limit, reach out to SUSE