In this video, Michelle advises students to be careful while filling out their CEO application and not to request something they won't be able to get. Michelle advises CAO applicants to check their third course preference carefully and consider if they really want it over any course that may be ranked lower, such as four, five, six, etc. She explains that if someone gets offered their third choice after the applications are processed, they won't be offered anything below it, even if they meet the entry requirements and have the required points.

Michelle emphasises that it's vital for applicants to be aware that if they get offered their third choice, they won't be able to get anything below it, as those courses will be given to other candidates. If someone meets the entry requirements and has the required points for the first two choices, they may get offered those courses. However, Michelle stresses the importance of being sure that the third and fourth choices are right for them and correctly ranked.

Michelle advises applicants to check their CEO application carefully to avoid making any mistakes. They explain that every year, people make mistakes while filling out their application and end up requesting something they won't be able to get. Michelle suggests that applicants double-check their application and make sure that their course preferences are ranked correctly.

In conclusion, Michelle emphasises the importance of carefully considering and ranking course preferences while filling out the CEO application. They advise applicants to be cautious and avoid requesting something they won't be able to get. The speaker stresses that if someone gets offered their third choice, they won't be offered anything below it, and those courses will be given to other candidates. Finally, the speaker suggests that applicants take the time to double-check their application and ensure that their course preferences are correct.

Video Transcript

Warning when filling out your CEO.Every year, people ring the CEO when the offers come out, making this mistake Requesting something that they won't get.

This is it. Check your number three, for example, course on your CEO application.

Do you really, really want this course over anything that's underneath it? So four, five, six and so on. So if you get offered course three when the offers come out, that is then your offer, anything underneath that. So four, five, six and so on, you will not get offered even if you have the points and the minimum entry requirements.

They are wiped now. And number three is your offer.

Of course, if you get the points for two and one and you mediate the minimum entry requirements, you may get offered those. But it's so important that you know that if you get offered three, you won't get anything below it. They're gone to other candidates.

So make sure three and four are absolutely, you know, really, really correct for you and you really want them in the right order.

Detailed Analysis & Information

As a new school year approaches, many students are excitedly preparing for their college applications. However, it's important to remember that the process can be complex and mistakes can be costly. One particular mistake that many students make is requesting a course on their CEO application that they ultimately won't get.

Every year, students anxiously wait for their offers to come out, only to find out that they requested a course that they won't be offered. This is why it's crucial to carefully consider the order of your course preferences on your CEO application. Take a moment to think about your top three choices and whether you truly want the third choice over anything else that's underneath it.

If you do get offered your third choice, that will be your official offer and everything else below it will no longer be available to you, even if you qualify for them. It's important to remember that once you receive an offer, any other courses listed below it are automatically given to other candidates who ranked them higher.

So, how can you avoid this mistake? First, carefully research and consider your course preferences. Don't just choose a course because it sounds interesting or because your friends are taking it. Think about your long-term goals and what courses will help you achieve them.

Second, double-check your CEO application before submitting it. Make sure that your course preferences are listed in the correct order and that you haven't accidentally selected a course that you're not truly interested in.

Finally, if you do end up receiving an offer for your third choice, don't panic. Remember that this is still a great opportunity and that you can still achieve your goals with this course. Stay positive and focus on making the most of your college experience.

In conclusion, requesting a course on your CEO application that you won't get is a common mistake that many students make. However, with careful consideration and double-checking, you can avoid this pitfall and ensure that you receive an offer for the course that you truly want. So, take the time to research and think about your course preferences and submit your application with confidence.